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Belgrade After Dark

12Belgrade has a reputation for its nightlife, and with good reason. Unlike in other parts of Europe, there is no day of the week in Belgrade when you cannot have a night out. This is true whatever your age, whatever your lifestyle and however much you want to spend! You just have to get to know the rhythm of Belgrade's nightlife. Firstly, a night out in Belgrade starts relatively late, not until after 10 or even 11 o'clock in the evening. The only exception is when there is something interesting going on earlier in the evening: the opening of an interesting exhibition, a fashion show or a film or theatre premiere. The prelude to a night out is usually a visit to the cafés concentrated in the following areas: Obilićev venac, Strahinjića Bana, Njegoševa, Skadarlija or another of the popular local spots. The next task is to choose the right place for your night out, depending on your musical taste, age and lifestyle. The choice boils down to two options: a floating river café-club ('splav') or a club. The 'splavovi' on the banks of the Sava and Danube provide all-night entertainment accompanied by every imaginable musical rhythm - from folk music to homegrown pop, rock 'n' roll and techno. The main areas are: the bank of the Danube by the Hotel Jugoslavija, the bank of the Sava between the bridges, and Ada Ciganlija. It is not too difficult to choose the right place for a fun night out: check out the sounds and the atmosphere, see who is going into and coming out of the splav and decide whether it is the place for you. Here are a few tips to help you: the Danube bank is more "fancy", the Sava bank is more Bohemian and Ada Ciganlija is the most laid-back. The clubs are mostly in the old part of town and vary greatly in terms of their interior decoration, atmosphere, prices and entrance policies. And after a wild time on a 'splav' or in a club, somewhere around three or four o'clock in the morning, tradition dictates that those with the most staying power use up the remainder of their energy at one of the special places that operate into the early hours of the morning. An invitation from experienced connoisseurs of nightlife is your ticket to this party till dawn, but only if they decide you are worth their attention. And that is Belgrade, from dusk till dawn!

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