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LITERATURE : Dositej ObradoviŠ

12Dositej (Dositheus) Dimitrije ObradoviŠ was a Serbian author, philosopher and linguist. As one of the most influential proponents of Serbian national and cultural Renaissance, he was advocating ideas of European Enlightenment and Rationalism; yet his writings bear clear evidence that he never lost his religion. Dositej ObradoviŠ was born Dimitrije ObradoviŠ in the village of ╚akovo (now Ciacova, Timi║ County, Romania) in Banat, probably in 1739. He was from his early age imbued with the passion for study. On February 17, 1757, he became a monk in the Serb Orthodox monastery of Hopovo (in Srem region) and acquired the name Dositej (Dositheus). After devouring the contents of the library he hungered for further learning and in November 2, 1760,he left the monastery of Hopovo bound for Hilandar, Mount Athos. For forty years thereafter, he traveled Europe and Asia Minor: Albania, Dalmatia, Corfu, Greece, Hungary, Turkey, Germany, Romania, France, Russia, England, Italy, Poland. Finally he went to Belgrade, at the invitation of Kara­or­e PetroviŠ, to become a minister of education in the newly organised government. He died in 1811.

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