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12The Decani monastery is the largest construction of medieval Serbia. The expansive complex is best know for its perfectly preserved 14th century paintings. The complex was built between 1327 and 1350, with most frescoes completed in 1350. Decani's patrons were King Stefan Uros III (1321-1331) and his heir King Dusan (1331-1355). The paintings of Decani are almost completely salvaged and amount to over 1000 individual figures and scenes from the history of Christianity. The paintings were created between 1335 and 1350. Decani is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list, with its frescoes being described as "one of the most valued examples of the so-called Palaeologan renaissance in Byzantine painting...a valuable record of life in the 14th century." Decani is located about 10 kilometers south of Pec on the road to Prizren. Accommodation is available in Pec.

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