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Patriarchate of Pec

12Two kilometers from Pec, at the entrance to the Rugovo gorge, stands the Patriarchate of Pec. The Patriarchate is really a complex of four churches built side by side, with three of them now integrated into a single structure. The oldest, the Church of the Holy Apostles, was built in the mid- 13th century by Serbia's second archbishop, Arsenije. The whole history of medieval wall painting can be viewed on the walls of churches. The frescoes in these churches belong to various periods. The oldest, in the sub-dome of the Church of the Holy Apostles dates back in the 13th century. The Handmaid with the Jug, a detail in The Birth of the Virgin of the altar apse, has become well-known in the art world for the figure's charm and its classical beauty. The frescoes of the narthex were painted in different periods between the 14th to 18th centuries. Patriarchate of Pec is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 2006.

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