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12Situated in the western part of Serbia, the ‘golden mountain' of Zlatibor has been a beloved nature retreat for generations. Its cool mountain climate, clean air, long summer days and heavy winter snows, along with its position on major transportation routes connecting Serbia and Montenegro, make it an ideal getaway in any season. In the central village resort of Partizanske Vode there are well-developed tourist facilities, modern hotels, restaurants and conference halls for corporate retreats. The areas around Zlatibor offer ample opportunity for sightseeing, including collecting of medicinal herbs and wild mushrooms the area is famous for, visits to hidden mountain monasteries and quaint villages, and hikes to tall peaks, past waterfalls and through dense forests. Close by there is the famed ethno-village of Sirogojno and Drvengrad creation of world-renowned film director Emir Kusturica. A ride on the Sargan 8 steam engine, which ascends the side of the mountain in a figure-8 pattern, is an enjoyable experience and feat of engineering. Nearby Stopica Cave is one of Serbia's great natural wonders.

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