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12The largest mountain range in Serbia, stretching over 80 kilometers at its base and up over 2000 meters at its peak, is home to the country's top winter resort. Since it establishment as a skiing center in the 1930s, Kopaonik has used its location amidst beautiful glades and pristine forests to attract a hip skiing crowd to its fine mountain lodges. With its 200 sunny days a year, Kopaonik was dubbed the "Sunny Mountain." The highest peak is Pancicev Vrh (2017m). Because of its stunning natural beauty, Kopaonik was declared a national park in 1981." In summer the beautiful natural surroundings attracts hikers, mountaineers, bikers, river rafters and the relaxed tourist seeking respite. Accommodation has been developed to excellent standards for enjoyment in all seasons. To the east the slopes of Kopaonik blend into the Zupa Valley, known as the ‘mother' of Serbian vineyards. The western side of the mountain is bordered by the Ibar river and canyon, home to many of the region's most noted Medieval Orthodox monasteries in an area called ‘The Valley of the Kings'. Whether taking part in winter sports or simply enjoying nature, Kopaonik gives a rush of senses to all who visit.

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