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12The Neolithic site of Vinča, located 14 kilometers from Belgrade on the road to Smederevo, is an active archeological site that gives important glimpses into early life with researchers having found a vast number of artifacts in the many layers of settlements built on top of each other. While this settlement, first settled around 5500-5000 B.C., is mostly buried underneath a hill, its eastern section is cut by the Danube River to expose 10.5 meters of remains of 9 consecutively built settlements. Early settlers built hexagonal huts and made clay pottery and stone tableware and weapons. Later inhabitants built more advanced, square shelters and raised cattle and grew crops behind the settlement. In the late Neolithic period (4500-3500 B.C.), Vinča became an economic, cultural and religious center that impacted other communities in the area. Vinča lost its prominence around the time copper was discovered, though there is evidence that people lived near Vinča until the historical period. Artifacts discovered at Vinča include weapons made of stone, horn and bone, lavishly adorned vases, jewelry from fossilized shells, and a diverse collection of flat and cylindrical statues. Excavation at Vinča is ongoing and a museum has recently been opened there.

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