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12With an emphasis on education, invention, and innovation, Kragujevac was, and still is, home to progressive individuals and ideas. Kragujevac has long been the political, economic and educational center of the Sumadija region south of Belgrade. It is also an increasingly important industrial region, with numerous factories, traffic and trade. For the academic explorer, Kragujevac is a treasure trove of Serbian national history. Visitors touring the town center will see architectural remnants of the Turkish presence, 19th century Austrian influences, as well as the occasional relics of the Communist era. Despite the devastation that the city incurred over Serbia's centuries of conflict, (with disastrous loss of life during WWII) the city prospered and produced some of the country's greatest gifts to the region. Once the capital of Serbia, under the rule of Prince Milos Obrenovic in 1818, the city embarked upon a long and illustrious journey toward modernization. The first Serbian Constitution was proclaimed here in 1835, followed by many more important "firsts" for the emerging nation. Among other accomplishments, Kragujevac was the birth place of Serbia's first Grammar School, the first Pharmacy, and the first Printing Press. During this time Kragujevac was a haven and inspiration for the development of the country's most formidable and influential scientists, artists, politicians, writers, and educators. During the mid to late 1800s, Kragujevac was an oasis for free thinkers, nurturing cultural expansion on par with many European capitals at the time. While the city overflows with the energy of progress, the surrounding region is equally abundant with simple, natural beauty. The mountain ranges of Rudnik, Gledic, and Crni Vrh surround the valley making weekend hiking excursions a favorite among the students at The Kragujevac University. The Lepenica River winds its way through the city, providing both a promenade for strolling as well as an important means of transportation to the District of Pomoravlje. For those more interested in museums, cafes and night-life, Kragujevac's National Museum has exhibitions on archeology, ethnic diversity, and local history. The Zastava Museum chronicles the history of industrial development in the region and the country overall. In the evenings when the museums shut their doors, the Theater Joakim Vujic (founded in 1835) still produces a variety of artistic events, and as a university town with a history of discourse and debate, the local cafes teem late into the night with the age-old intellectual energy of this ambitious Serbian city.

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