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Novi Sad

12The people of Novi Sad are intensely proud of their city, and with good reason. Often compared to Belgrade, it has a similar charm, culture, and night-life to the capital, but on a smaller, more personal scale. For those who appreciate art, music, food and fun, but prefer a laid back city that is less frenetic than Belgrade (which has been called the city that sleeps less than New York!) Novi Sad is a perfect combination of urban sophistication and bohemian relaxation. Novi Sad draws visitors from all over the world to the EXIT music festival. Arguably the hippest of Eastern European summer music festivals, each year in July, Novi Sad becomes a playground for free spirits and anyone who loves music. Novi Sad, which has been called "a haven of tranquility and tolerance," is one of the more multi-ethnic cities in Serbia, and is situated on the plains of Vojvodina, in the north. The quaint center of the city sprawls along the banks of The Danube, above which, on volcanic rock, perches the Petrovaradin Fortress. Dating back some 600 years, and challenged by the Tartars, the Turks and the Croats (to name a few), the fortress has a wonderful view of the city. Its labyrinth construction is complete with alleys, bulwarks, trenches, gates, and underground passages and tunnels to explore. With a burgeoning Fine Arts and Music Academy, Novi Sad is also home to the Vojvodina Museum which houses regional exhibits from the Paleolithic to late 19th century, with an emphasis on relics from WWI and WWII. After sight-seeing, Novi Sad offers myriad restaurants featuring the unique cuisine of Vojvodina, influenced by Serbian, Hungarian, Romanian and Slovakian spices and tradition. Many restaurants serve these specialties to the accompaniment of a tamburitza orchestra.

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