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12For philosophers and romantics, Nis is a great place to relax and enjoy the Balkan urban experience. Dress up for evening korso down Ovrenoviceva, the main shopping street. Grab a coffee at a 15th century hammam, now a restaurant, at the Nis Fortress. Or brush up on your Balkan history at one of the many historical monuments, museums and archeological sites - Cela Kula, the Mediana and Cegar. The third largest city in Serbia, Nis has had its share of majestic moments, some of them quite recent. Not only does Nis host an annual international film festival in August, but also welcomes music lovers to a three day music bacchanal called Nisomnia, rivaling Novi Sad's Exit Fest in popularity. Local tradition has it that Nis was the birthplace of Roman Emperor Constantine the Great. In fact, nearby at the Mediana you can see the remains of a sprawling 4th century villa built at his command (the adjacent museum has mosaics and artefacts found on the site). If you happen to be in the area in June, stop by for the yearly celebration in Constantine's honor, the Day of Saint Emperor Constantine and Helene. The city's guaranteed to be full of music, food and dancing. Straddling the Nisava River, the city has a lively shopping district, an archeological museum featuring items from the city's long-past Roman era, as well as some Turkish architectural gems, a classic Turkish bath, and a well preserved amphitheater.

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